5 Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

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If your roof is in poor condition, it is a good idea to get it repaired as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the problem to get worse. If you neglect roof repairs, you could end up needing a new roof. Watch out for the following signs that your roof requires repair.

1. Cracked or Missing Shingles

Get into the habit of looking at your shingle roof often to see if you can spot any missing or broken shingles. These chinks in your roof's armour allow water to seep into the roof, which puts a lot of weight on the weatherproof lining underneath. This pressure gradually causes the lining to fail, with the result that your roof begins to leak. You can avoid this outcome by hiring a roofing service to replace your missing or broken shingles and check that your roof is still structurally sound.

2. Moss and Lichen

While moss and lichen aren't necessarily damaging to your roof, they can indicate that moisture is becoming trapped in the roof rather than running off like it is supposed to. As a result, your roof is becoming a damp environment that allows moss to thrive. Call roofers so they can carry out a roof inspection to look for signs of a leak.

3. Wear Around Chimneys and Vents

The signs of roof damage are typically most obvious around roof features such as chimneys and vents. You might notice the roof underlay peeling away from these features. If you spot these visual signs of roof damage, arrange a roof inspection right away.

4. Staining Inside the Home

A slight leak in the roof does not always result in a flood of water. The damage can be more subtle, such as water staining near the tops of your interior walls and on the ceilings on your home's top floor. Over time, the leak is likely to get worse and cause greater and greater levels of water damage, so be sure to contact a roof repair service right away.

5. Roof Deck Sagging

Take a look at the rafters in your attic. Do they sag downwards? Moisture seeping into your roof deck can cause the underlying structure to warp, which is a serious issue requiring either a major roof repair or roof replacement. Do not hesitate to contact roofers if you notice sagging in your roof deck, which indicates that your roof is already quite badly damaged.

Contact a local roof repair service to learn more.