5 Reasons You Should Use Timber Roof Cladding for Your House

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Timber cladding is a popular type of building facade used to cover the outside of structures, including walls and roofs, protecting them from the elements while creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. While there are many types of roof cladding on the market, timber is certainly one of the best — here are five reasons why. 

1. Timber provides insulation

One of the biggest benefits of timber cladding is that it's great at insulation. Timber products contain plenty of air pockets that are created in the manufacturing process. These act as an insulation barrier, helping to reduce heat loss. On top of this, timber cladding also provides sound insulation, keeping much of the noise of the outdoors away from your home.

2. Timber is durable

Despite what you may assume, timber is a very strong and durable material. It stands up well to impact as well as weathering when it's properly treated and maintained. As such, you're sure to get years and years of usage out of it. 

3. Timber cladding is attractive

The look of timber cladding can add a pop to the design of your home, making it more attractive and attention-grabbing for potential buyers or renters. Timber products come in a wide range of colours, sizes and textures — there's no end to the options you have! 

3. Timber adds aesthetic value

Timber cladding has a distinctive and beautiful appearance that makes it a popular choice for exterior renovations. Plus, one of the best parts about its appeal is that timber roofing can be made to look modern or traditional. For example, flat, unpainted beams tend to give a contemporary feel, while painted, shingle-style cladding is great for vintage chic. Whichever choice you make, you'll end up with an attractive architectural look that beautifies your home and increases its value when you want to sell.

4. Timber is eco-friendly

Timber cladding is also considered an eco-friendly building material. Generally, it's grown faster than it's used, making it a highly sustainable roof covering option. Timber cladding can also be made from recycled materials, and it can be recycled itself if you ever want to get rid of it in the future. As such, there is very little waste generated in the timber cladding production process. Timber even stores carbon dioxide in its cells just like a living tree would, helping to lower carbon levels in the atmosphere.

5. Timber is affordable

Timber cladding is a product that suits most budgets; it's easy to find at most building supply stores and can be installed by most low-cost contractors. Even when you opt for custom-made timber cladding to fit your home's design and feel, you'll likely spend less than you would with more expensive materials like metal.

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