Gutter Replacement: Signs That it's Time to Replace your Gutters

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Gutters play an important role in ensuring that rainwater is safely directed away from your home and stored in tanks for future use. But at some point, gutters can get damaged, making it difficult for them to function effectively. Gutter replacement is the most viable solution to this problem. Most problems that affect gutters usually get worse with time, increasing repair work and expenses. Consider watching for these signs to know if it's time for a gutter replacement.

Splits and cracks

When cleaning your gutters, take time to check for splits or cracks. Although small cracks might not seem important at the moment, they can easily grow in a few months, especially if your area experiences a thawing/freezing cycle. The water turns into ice, and then it expands inside the crack, making it open wider. If you find large splits or cracks, handle the situation right away to ensure the gutters function normally.

Corrosion or rust

Most gutters do not rust, but if yours are made of galvanised steel, they can do so when the protective coating comes off. If you notice an orange colour around certain areas, such as where the gutter joins the house, or find rusty areas, it's time to replace the gutters.

Peeling paint

If the paint on your gutters is peeling, then you should realise that you have a serious problem. For instance, galvanised steel gutters normally have a coating that helps protect them from moisture or water, which makes them rust. When the paint starts to peel off, it means moisture damage has already started to occur and it's time to purchase new gutters.

Sagging gutters

Have you noticed that the gutters are sagging and pulling away from the house? Usually, gutters sag once they become extremely heavy or when water pushes them to an incorrect position. If they are sagging, it probably means they are not functioning efficiently and perhaps need to be replaced.

Mildew and water around your foundation

Other than collecting water for storage, gutters protect your house by ensuring that water doesn't get into the foundation. If you notice some signs of water on the foundation like puddles or pools of water or algae growth, this may indicate that your gutters aren't functioning well and have to be replaced.

Functioning gutters are vital in any home. To ensure they are always in excellent condition, take note of these signs and hire an expert to replace them as soon as possible.