Why You Should Choose Timber Frames for Your Walls

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When you decide to put up a house, the building materials that you choose will determine the integrity and longevity of the structure. One of the most commonly used construction materials is timber. You can use timber to construct your house's walls, floors, doors or windows. Timber wall frames give your house stability and integrity. Besides that, they will offer you the following benefits when you use them to construct your home.

Timber Frames Are Easy to Erect

Unlike other construction materials, it is advisable to consider timber frames because they are easy to erect. When erecting them, you will take less time as compared to other construction materials like stones and metal. However, make sure that your timber is ready by the time you want to erect the frames. You should start the process about 2-3 months before you erect the frames. By then, your timber will be ready, and your frames will last for a long time. 

Timber Frames Are Not Expensive

Other than easy erection, timber frames are also inexpensive. However, the price of your timber frames will be determined by your project's size, the availability of timber in your area and other factors. If the cost of timber frames for your project is too high, you may opt to construct your house using lighter materials and make width adjustments.

If, after making the adjustments, the price reduction is not satisfactory, you can ask your roofing contractor whether there are other materials they can use together with wood frames to reduce the construction cost. Whatever the case, your contractor will often have a way of reducing the cost for you. 

Timber Frames Give You Different Design Options

With timber, you can choose the design that will align with your construction requirements. Compared to other framing materials, timber frames enable you to construct your house without interrupting walls, which gives your home a unique look.

With fewer walls, you can design the interior of your house in a unique way. Besides, you can add several windows to allow sufficient natural light in all the rooms.

Timber wall frames are incredible when it comes to constructing your house. When you use timber to frame your home, the property will have strength and durability. Besides, you will spend less time and money when erecting the timber frames than when using other construction materials. However, it is advisable to hire a competent contractor to help you choose the most appropriate timber to frame your house. 

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