How to Repair a Thatched Roofing Structure on Your Own

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Some homeowners opt for thatched roofs over other roof types because of a number or reasons including their conspicuous appearance, cultural attraction, ease of construction and the eco-friendly nature of the constituent materials used. Because thatch is made up of natural materials such as wheat comb, straw and reed, it is susceptible to a range of adverse weather conditions, such as heavy sunshine, wind or humidity. As a result, thatched roofs may experience leaks that compromise the warmth and comfort of the protected structure, normally a home or a barn. The good news is that you can easily repair a leaking thatched roof on your own. Here are the simple steps to help you do so.

Sweeping off unwanted substances

This is the first step and involves getting rid of any accumulated material on the thatched roof by brushing it off. Moss is common on thatched roofs and often results in the decomposition of the roof, leading to leaks. Therefore, get rid of any decayed thatch that is infested with lichen or moss growth. Moreover, fallen leaves that may be concealing holes on the thatched roof should also be brushed off. What's more, any old, loose thatch ought to be pulled back to their original fixing.

Plugging the holes

Once you have finished brushing or sweeping off any debris on the roof, the next step involves plugging any visible holes. This process involves adding new thatch into the openings to fully fill in the crevices on the roof. To complete this process, you need to set aside some thatch, ideally the same variety as the existing thatch for the sake of uniformity.

Covering up

The last step involves adding a new layer of thatch on top of the original thatch roof. This serves to provide fresh protection against dangerous climatic conditions above the existing thatch while affording the roof a new look.

When carrying out the aforementioned repairs, caution should be highly exercised because working on heights has its fair share of risks. For example, you should watch your footing while on top of the roof, as thatch cannot sustain human weight because it's weak. Therefore, you should always step on the wooden section of your roof or else you might tumble, causing serious injury to yourself and destruction to your thatched roof. All in all, you can steer clear of all these risks by observing the needed safety measures.

If you're unsure of your abilities to make these repairs yourself, you can always contact local roofing companies for assistance with roof repairs