Why Metal Is the Number One Choice of Roofing Material for Your Home

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Metal is a run-of-the-mill choice of roofing material used in many modern homes and the reasons for this trend are very far-reaching. As the following features and benefits indicate, metal roofs are by far the best roofing types that can be found on the market today.

Metal roofs are designed to last

Budget constraints are increasingly making several homeowners to be more conscious about the need to look for roofing installations that demand less frequent repairs and last longer so that fewer roof replacements are required. Over time, metal roofs have proved their ability to endure harsh conditions and attract low life-span costs, thus ensuring prolonged performance with minimum maintenance.

When installed properly, a metal roof can survive hail storms, strong winds and prevent rainwater penetration into your home for a long time. Some metal roofs are even built with fireproofing properties, especially for homes built near forests where fire incidents are common.

Metal roofs enhance the curb appeal of your home

Today's manufacturers are constantly increasing the range of metal roofing products available on the market by offering a broad variety of colours, shapes, patterns, and finishes that enrich building aesthetics. Therefore, you can choose a metal roofing product that bests matches the profile of your home and adds to its curb appeal in an exceptional way.

What's more, you can also select from steel, copper, aluminium or metal alloys as your preferred roofing material, since each has their own unique look. No wonder many value-conscious homeowners who are on the lookout for roofing solutions that can boost the appearance of their homes are increasingly gravitating toward metal roofing! 

Metal roofs are energy-efficient

Significant developments in coatings and finishes have led to the manufacture of metal roofing, which can improve the energy-saving capabilities of your home, and thus reduce heating and cooling costs significantly.

These metal roofs have reflective surfaces and come in an array of colours. In addition, some coatings (e.g. granular coatings) can be specially engineered to boost the emissivity of the metal roofs.

Metal roof sheets or panels coated with highly reflective surfaces provide insulation to help reduce heat loss during chilly winters, and allow heat to dissipate fast during the hot summer days. Thus, metal roofs can reduce your heating and cooling expenses significantly.

Metal material is ecofriendly

Metal used to make new roofing sheets or panels is usually made from recycled metal, which is reclaimed by metal recyclers at the end of their product life-cycle. So the installation of metal roofs also results in less construction waste.

In addition, the longer performance life of metal roofing insinuates that less waste ends up in landfills as compared to other more conventional roofing materials such as shingles. Better still, a metal roof can be installed directly above an existing shingle roof devoid of costly tear-off waste.

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