Why Metal Roofing Is Worth the Investment

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Metal roofing has been known to be a bit more expensive than tile roofing over the years, which is one of the few drawbacks to the roofing material. However, it makes up for it by saving you money in the long run, increasing property value, and adding to the safety of the home. Here's more about how metal roofing is a better investment than tile:

Cost-Effective in the Long Run

While metal roofing is typically more expensive than tile roofing up front, it's actually more cost effective in the long run because you'll save money on your utility bills, it requires less maintenance, and it's life expectancy is significantly longer. With the introduction of new technologies, metal roofing has become more energy efficient than tile. This is because with metal roofs can now easily reflect heat. Coupled with insulation, a metal roof keeps your house warm in cold weather and cools in hot. This keeps the temperatures of your home on an even keel, allowing you to do the same with your air conditioning and heating systems.

Additionally, metal roofs require less maintenance and are easier to install compared to tile. Metal is very lightweight, it can be placed on previous roofs, and does not require extra support beams. With tile, because it's so heavy, you will need more support to keep it caving in on itself and over time, you will have to repair the beams so that they can continue to manage the weight load. Tiles are also easily broken, which will mean significant repair costs.

The life expectancy for metal roofs is also significantly longer than tile. This is largely in part to the wear and tear metal can handle. There is no chance that cracking or corrosion will occur.

Safety First

Metal roofs are also fire resistant. They're able to absorb lightning strikes without the fear of the roof catching on fire. This is something that tile absolutely cannot do. Additionally, they can withstand high winds and there is no more fear of asbestos.

Design & Increased Home Value

Metal roofs come in more colours than tiles. Yes, tile is a very attractive style, but unfortunately, it is limited to only a few colours. Metal roofing can come in a much wider selection of colours, which adds to the decor of your home, making it more visually stimulating. Between the visual appeal, the longer life expectancy, and the lower utility rates, metal roofs can have a profound effect on the value of your home. Should you ever look to sell, this could be a great solution for you to cash in on later.  

To learn more, contact a metal roof installation professional with any questions you have.