4 Telltale Signs You Need Gutter Replacement

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Gutters are important features in the roof of your home—directing water away from the doors, windows, foundation and exterior walls of your home to prevent it from seeping inside. Although regular gutter cleaning is important to boost the longevity of their lifespan, some gutters will need to be replaced by a roof plumber when they begin to display certain signs. Here are some telltale signs that you need gutter replacement to protect the interiors of your home.

Gutter Splits and Cracks

While small cracks or splits in your gutters may seem like a small issue, keep in mind that they will eventually turn into bigger ones sooner than you think. If cracks remain unchecked over an extended period, water will not only cause more damage to the gutter, but it will also seep into the walls and roof shingles—which can damage the structural foundation of your home. The minute you notice a crack or split, get a roof plumber to assess the damage. In some cases, you may simply need sealant repair, while in others, you will need to replace your gutters entirely.

Peeling Paint

Gutter paint is designed to endure harsh and wet weather conditions through every season. Unless you have extremely old gutters (that may need replacement in any case), peeling paint may be an indicator that water is stagnant in your gutters continually. This probably means that the gutter doesn't remove the water efficiently because it is damaged. You may need to get your gutter replaced by a roof plumber if you notice paint peeling often from your gutters.

Mildew Around the Foundation of Your Home

Roof gutters are specially created for directing the flow of water away from the foundation of your home. If you notice mildew or a pool of water near the foundation, the gutter may not be directing the water away as intended. This could either be because the gutter is clogged or the gutter system could be defected. You will need to engage the services of a roof plumber to identify and fix the problem—either through gutter repair or replacement. Address this problem as early as possible as stagnant water will damage the foundation of your home—leading to costly repairs later.

Sagging Gutters

This is perhaps one of the most common signs that your gutter needs replacement. Sagging gutters indicate that the gutter is filled with water and may be pulling away because of the enhanced weight. A full gutter means that the gutter system is draining poorly and not doing its job. A roof plumber should be able to assess the extent of the damage, but in most cases, you may need to replace sagging gutters entirely.

If you notice any of these telltale signs, call a roof plumber immediately to avoid costly and time consuming repairs later.