Reasons Why You Might Consider a Roof Restoration Coating for Your Home

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The term roof restoration usually refers to a type of coating that is applied over your existing roof, as opposed to roof repair, which typically refers to replacing damaged or missing shingles or tiles. A tear-off job involves pulling up old shingles and replacing your entire roof with a new roof.

A roof restoration coating is a good choice for many homeowners no matter the condition of the roof, and it offers many advantages over roof repair or a complete tear-off job. You might even consider having this coating added to a roof that doesn't necessarily need repair or replacement. Note a few of those advantages and reasons to consider a restoration coating for your home.

1. Less energy consumption

A roof restoration coating can mean less energy consumption by your home as this coating helps to insulate the roof, especially in areas where shingles have gotten thin and brittle due to age. With this added layer of insulation, you will see less of your air conditioning escape during summertime and less heating during winter. Not only will you save money by lowering your heating and cooling costs but this will also mean less wear and tear on your furnace and air conditioner. In turn, you may not pay to have these repaired or replaced as quickly when you opt for a roof restoration coating.

2. Less risk of leaks

It doesn't take much to increase the risk of a roof leak on a home; you might not even notice a few missing shingles on your roof or realize that the roof is leaking if the leak doesn't reach its way to your living area. A roof leak means damage to the building materials under the roof and may increase the chance of mold in your home. Adding a roof restoration coating over your existing shingles provides a more watertight barrier so that there is much less risk of any leaking.

3. Lasts indefinitely with minimal maintenance

A roof restoration coating usually requires minimal maintenance, and the coating can be applied repeatedly if it should ever get damaged. This can result in a roof that actually lasts indefinitely, as you might never need to have the shingles under the coating torn off and an entirely new roof applied. If the coating should become thin or suffer storm damage, you can simply have a new coating added and preserve the life of your roof.

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